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To obtain a detail understanding of your program we will utilize traditional audit techniques. Two Fifth’s assessment approach is modular and scalable, allowing us to evaluate compartmental requirements of major framework expectations. This approach allows us to deliver a report in a systematic fashion allowing hyper focus on points of improvement. We will provide you with our perspective on your BCM program’s process using both a pass-fail assessment as well as Capability Maturity rating. Our recommendations for improvements to the program will be based on common framework expectations as well as our industry experience providing our view of the programs consistency, completeness and quality of provided material.

Two Fifth will assess the key areas of your BCM program using Two Fifth’s proprietary framework to compare the BCM program with relevant and leading industry practices, provide our perspective on your BCM program’s level of maturity, determine if evidence meets ISO criteria, and provide recommendations for improvements to the program based on our industry experience and expertise.

During the course of a BCM framework assessment Two Fifth generally captures a large amount of information pertaining to the organization’s overall resiliency capabilities. As a by-product or stand-alone engagement Two Fifth can also provide an opinion on the likelihood of resumption pertaining to people, process and technology.

The success of a BCM implementation depends on the quality of the enablers and methodology put in place to support the program. These enablers include improving the various components of your program, such as an effective, easy to understand risk assessment, business impact analysis, supporting tools, quick reference guides, and instructions. You can be confident Two Fifth is available and has the expertise to assist with updates and or develop these tools, guides, or methods.

To enable program success, it is important to build the knowledge and awareness of the BCM program among the program’s participants and stakeholders across the company. Two Fifth can help develop and deliver. We will develop new or enhanced training and awareness manuals, procedures in a variety of formats to ensure business continuity coordinators, crisis management team members and other stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities.

Strong exercise facilitation is more of an art than a science. We partner with your team to understand current and emerging risk to your organization and design realistic exercises, tabletops, drills, and plan walkthroughs to confirm the viability of plan strategies team readiness- all with the intent to surface opportunities for improvement. Our consultants are experienced facilitating exercises for a variety of participants including, C-Suite, Senior Leaders, 3rd party vendors, and State/City Emergency Managers.

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